Mary K Keiser Scholarship

  1. Candidate Qualifications/Requirements
  2. Each candidate for the Mary K. Keiser Scholarship must:
    1. Be enrolled or admitted in good standing at Illinois State University
    2. Be an undergraduate with a minimum of 60 earned credit hours or a graduate student.
    3. Be declared a major in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorder, following a course of study in speech pathology/communication disorders.
    4. Demonstrate strong academic achievement, as evidenced by a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
    5. Use the scholarship to defray educational expenses at ISU, including tuition and fees. Award is applied to expenses incurred the semester following selection of the recipient (awarded in the spring and paid in the fall).
    6. Have demonstrated both academic excellence and financial need.
  3. Scholarship Fund Administrator
  4. At such time as the Mary K. Keiser Scholarship is established, responsibilities for selection of scholarship recipients and distribution of scholarship awards will be assigned to the Chair, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Illinois State University. This person, as the Scholarship Fund Administrator, may seek advice and assistance from other ISU faculty and administrative staff in carrying out his or her responsibilities.

  5. Scholarship Awards
  6. The Mary K. Keiser Scholarship shall be awarded annually. The number and amount of awards will depend on the annual net investment earnings produced by the endowment’s principal. A portion of these investment earnings will be used for scholarship awards, as outlined in the ISU foundation spending policies.