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Speech Language Pathology Services

Accent Modification

Treatment to reduce accents


Neurological language disorder resulting from an impairment to the brain; can impact expressive and/or receptive language

Aural Rehabilitation

Listening strategies to improve communication

Autism Spectrum Disorders

A developmental disability that involves language, communication, and social disabilities

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Forms of communication other than spoken language; can include sign language, electronic communication devices, picture boards, etc.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Motor speech disorder causing children to have trouble saying sounds, syllables, and words caused by the brain having difficulty communicating with the lips, tongue, and jaw

Cognitive Disorders

TBI: Traumatic brain injuries that cause impairments to speech and/or language abilities
Dementia: Impacts memory skills, appropriate social behaviors, communication skills

Early Intervention

Services to children who are not school-aged; services provided to jumpstart the treatment process

Fluency Disorders

Stuttering symptoms can include blocks, word/sound repetitions, prolonged sounds

Language Delays & Disorders

Children who may have trouble understanding language and expressing language, or who may not have language skills at the same level of their peers

Motor Speech Disorders

Apraxia, Dysarthria: Disorders caused by an impairment of muscle movements in the tongue and lips causing a disruption in speech.

Speech Sound Disorders

Articulation and Phonology: Difficulty making speech sounds and problems involving patterns of sound errors


Treatment to improve swallowing in patients with decreased ability to swallow/eat

Voice & Resonance Disorders

Can included limited or loss of use of vocal cords, vocal nodule or polyps causing impaired functioning

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Speech Language Pathology

Cara Boester

Cara Boester

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