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No longer lost in translation. Although her mother kept insisting her son had a learning disability, teachers didn’t believe her, feeling the boy was just struggling because English wasn’t his first language. [Read the rest]
Kelly Cook
Kelly Cook helps children with hearing loss. After several years of teaching, Illinois State Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders student Kelly Cook decided to further her education in this field, because she recognized a unique opportunity to mediate the cultural and medical perspectives of deafness. [Read the rest]
Fell Hall
Complement of teaching and learning. In the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department at Illinois State University, SoTL has become a significant driving force in the work of Assistant Professor Lisa Vinney, Cross Endowed Chair of SOTL at Illinois State Jennifer Friberg, as well as student Mary Smyers. [Read the rest]
Fairchild Hall
CSD professors publish research on measures of listening effort in older adults. Listeners with hearing loss often have to try harder to hear what is being said. [Read the rest]
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