As a part of Illinois State Univeristy, the Eckelmann-Taylor Speech and Hearing Clinic provides clinical experiences to graduate students majoring in speech pathology and audiology.

All clinical work, carried out under the supervision of ASHA certified and State of Illinois licensed professionals, is considered to be an extension of the academic program. New certification standards recently implemented by ASHA require SLP majors to obtain 400 hours and AuD majors to obtain 1,820 hours of clinical experience.

These experiences are obtained through enrollment in a progression of on and off-campus clinical practica designed to meet the individual needs of audiology and speech-language pathology majors.

Graduate Clinicians perform all screening, evaluative, and therapeutic services according to the policies and procedures outlined in the Clinic Manual. It is the obligation of every clinician to become familiar with its contents and practice accordingly.

2014 Graduate Clinicians