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The Illinois State University Eckelmann-Taylor Speech and Hearing Clinic offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment services to adults with language concerns and/or disorders.

Why do patients seek help?

An adult experiencing difficulty with language may struggle to understand information that is presented to him or her. Additionally, the person may find it challenging to put his or her thoughts into words or sentences.


Aphasia is a language disorder among the adult population that occurs following damage to the areas of the brain that control language. A person with aphasia may show signs of difficulty with formulating words and sentences, retrieving the information he or she wants to communicate, and reading or writing in everyday life. This language disorder may also impact someone’s ability to understand what is being communicated to them.

Aphasia is most commonly caused by a stroke, although it may become present following a brain tumor, traumatic brain injury, or a worsening brain disorder.

Assessment and treatment

At the Eckelmann-Taylor Speech and Hearing Clinic, treatment for language disorders is carried out by highly-skilled speech-language pathologists and graduate student clinicians. Language therapy may include one-on-one and group sessions to target receptive and expressive language, and functional communication. Treatment for language disorders may also incorporate the use of assistive technology, if appropriate, to aid a person in expressing his or her thoughts, wants, and needs through an alternative form.

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