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Illinois State University’s experienced audiologists and graduate student clinicians have a vast knowledge of today’s hearing aid technology in relation to providing patient-centered solutions. Over the last few years, researchers have developed hearing aids that adapt to multiple environments, provide rechargeable options, streaming capabilities, tinnitus relief support, and outstanding noise reduction technology to improve speech understanding. The Eckelmann-Taylor Speech & Hearing Clinic partners with many hearing aid companies to provide appropriate options for every individual. Our clinic offers hearing aid services including consultations, fittings, adjustments, servicing and maintenance, and repair walk-in clinic hours.

“I like the fact that they have access to several brands and have picked the one they think is best for ME.”-patient testimonial

Hearing Aid Consultations

Our clinic provides amplification options that meet communication and listening needs that fit the individual’s lifestyle. Subsequent to a comprehensive hearing evaluation, the graduate student clinician and licensed audiologist provide a 90 minute consultation appointment where the individual has the opportunity to discuss specific communication difficulties, develop communication goals, and complete further testing to create an appropriate treatment plan. Discussion of hearing aid technology and features, styles, assistive devices, and communication strategies is included in this appointment.

Hearing Aid Fittings

After the individual’s listening needs are evaluated and hearing aids are selected, a 90 minute hearing aid fitting is scheduled. The audiologists support best practice taught in the classroom, and allows time for the graduate student clinicians to follow fitting procedures that support the most optimal hearing aid programming.

Overview of Hearing Aid Fitting

  • Hearing aid verification with real ear measurement testing
  • Hearing aid programming based on real ear measurements and feedback from the individual
  • Information regarding the use of the devices and review over listening goals
  • Counseling on communication strategies and listening expectations
  • Guidance on care and maintenance of the hearing aids

The goal is for the individual to feel confident and comfortable with the hearing aids. Our clinic offers a 6-week trial period with any purchase of hearing aids to ensure the individual is receiving the most appropriate hearing solution and reaches their listening needs.

Hearing Aid Adjustments

Hearing aid check appointments are offered to provide on-going services to individuals with hearing aids, whether dispensed through our clinic or elsewhere. These appointments provide hearing aid repair services and programming adjustments for many hearing aid manufacturers, including Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Signia/Siemens, Starkey, and Widex. Graduate student clinicians and audiologists review over the individual’s listening goals and overall quality of the devices to ensure the hearing aids are improving overall communication abilities.

Hearing aid check appointment services

  • Programming adjustments
  • Increasing or decreasing volume
  • Enabling or disabling manual features
  • Adding or removing programs for specific listening environments
  • Fine tuning to accommodate individual preferences and listening needs
  • Minor repairs (receiver repairs, microphone repairs, earmold modifications, etc.)
  • Discussion on wireless accessories such as remote controls, phone clips, or television streamers (if individual expresses interest)

Hearing Aid Repair Walk-In Clinic

The Eckelmann-Taylor Speech & Hearing Clinic offers walk-in hours every Friday from 12 to 3 p.m. During walk-in hours, appointments are not required. Patients receive services on a first come, first serve basis.

Repair Walk-In Services

Image of Hearing Aids at the Walk-In Clinic

  • Visual and listening inspections of devices
  • Replacement of parts (i.e., wax protection, domes, microphone covers, receivers, etc.)
  • Cleaning of hearing aid components with equipment of the hearing aid laboratory
  • Earmold or custom-made device modifications (ie., increasing/decreasing vent size and reshaping)

*Other services, such as programming adjustments, require a hearing aid check appointment. Repairs requiring additional maintenance will be shipped off-site to hearing aid manufacturers. Please be advised that during walk-in hours for our audiology clinic (Friday from 12:00-3:00 pm) patients with any form of Medicaid through the State of Illinois, may not be able to be seen due to prior authorization requirements of the Managed Care insurance plan. Please call our office in advance.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Wireless hearing aid accessories are valuable devices that may improve hearing aid performance in more challenging communication environments and keep individuals connected to the world. Each hearing aid company has a variety of options, including remote controls, direct to hearing aid streaming phone calls, TV connectors, and wireless microphones. These accessories are designed to help individuals understand speech in noise in individual and group settings, as well as enhance entertainment audio sources.

*Many insurance companies cover hearing evaluations, but not hearing aid services. Please call our clinic office manager to discuss insurance coverages and billing information.

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