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Exposure to damaging noise comes from many areas, not just the workplace. Many recreational activities and day-to-day activities can also be hazardous. You are at risk for exposure to high noise levels from earphones, hunting, workouts, sporting events, concerts, lawn mowers, as well as other household and outdoor equipment. Our clinic strives to provide options to meet the needs of each individual and each purpose for hearing protection.

“Want to enjoy music forever?? Hearing protection makes it possible to safely enjoy the sounds and music you love now while helping to ensure that you can enjoy them for a lifetime.”—Sara Neumann, AuD, ISU Alumna

Overview of Appointment

An earmold impression is required for all custom products. During this appointment, a graduate student clinician will perform an otoscopic evaluation to ensure health of the outer ear. Next, a soft otoblock will be placed in the earcanal for protection of the eardrum and a syringe will be used to fill the earcanal with impression material. It will take approximately five minutes to allow the material to fully set prior to removing it from the ear. While the impression is setting, you will be given color options to choose from for your custom product. Earmold impression appointments are available for the following devices:

Hearing Protection

Listening with custom hearing protection can result in an improved listening experience with less distortion and fatigue and protect your ears from noise-induced hearing loss. Activities that we encourage people to wear hearing protection for include, but are not limited to, lawn mowing, concerts, recreational shooting, woodworking and motorcycle riding.

Musician Plugs

Eckelmann-Taylor Speech & Hearing Clinic Musician Plugs Our clinic promotes healthy hearing for musicians by providing custom ear plugs that offer multiple attenuation levels. These devices are designed with filters that protect your hearing while preserving the defining characteristics of music.

Bragi Dash Pro Earphones

Starkey Hearing partnered with Bragi to design a wireless earphone that enhances the listening experience and tracks heartrate, steps, and exercise duration. These waterproof devices store music and stream via Bluetooth.

In-Ear Monitors

Custom earmold devices are recommended for performing musicians, with multiple driver system and attenuation options to help the individual hear more accurately.

Swim Plugs

Eckelmann-Taylor Speech & Hearing Clinic Swim Plugs Our clinic provides these devices for individuals of all ages who desire to protect their ears from water exposure while swimming.

Sleeping Plugs

Custom-fit earplugs designed to reduce surrounding noise. These devices are created with a soft material to allow for a comfortable and peaceful night of sleeping.

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