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The Eckelmann-Taylor Speech & Hearing Clinic offer a variety of assistive listening devices (ALDs), which help individuals with hearing loss communicate with loved ones. ALDs either amplify or directly transmit sound, and can be used with or without hearing aids and cochlear implants. Types of assistive listening devices include frequency modulation (FM) systems, infrared systems, amplified phones, pocket talkers, and alarm systems.

“TV ears have allowed my wife and I to watch television in the same room together, at a volume we can both agree on.”-patient testimonial

FM Systems

Eckelmann-Taylor Speech & Hearing Clinic Assisted Listening Device Frequency modulation (FM) systems utilize radio signals to transmit amplified sound. These systems consist of a transmitter microphone worn by the speaker and a receiver worn by the listener. FM systems are often used in classrooms, lecture halls, and large auditoriums or theaters.

Infrared Systems

Infrared systems use infrared light waves to relay sound. The transmitter sends signals from a source (i.e. TV) to the receiver, which the listener can adjust. Infrared systems are often used in homes, but can also be used in auditoriums or theaters.

Pocket Talkers

Personal amplification devices, known as pocket talkers, are hand held devices that consist of a microphone that connects to head phones. These are helpful for individuals who do not have hearing aids or cochlear implants, and need amplification in appointments, small group gatherings, and one on one conversations.

Alarm Systems

There are many home alert and alarm systems designed to help individuals with hearing loss. Visit our clinic for consultation regarding the various systems available, ranging from wireless systems that activate a buzzer worn by the individual to alarm clocks that provide powerful buzzers and vibrations to wake up the individual.

Amplified phones

Eckelmann-Taylor Speech & Hearing Clinic Amplified Phones Amplified phones provide additional amplification of speech and ringer amplification. These phones have the ability to have additional features such as flashing lights and screens to provide captioned calling. English and Spanish captioning is fully funded, refer to iTAC information below.

Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation (iTAC)

We provide applications for Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation (iTAC), which is a program that provides free equipment designed specifically for people who are having difficulty hearing on the standard phone system. Devices offered include free amplified phones, captioned phones, cell phone amplifiers, and teletypewriters (TTYs) to eligible residents of Illinois. Individuals must have proof of phone services and authorization of an application by an audiologist or doctor. To receive more information, visit ITAC Application:

Our professionals and graduate students value educating individuals of the available options in order to alleviate daily complications associated with his or her hearing loss. Contact our clinic to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss assistive listening device options.

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