Welcome to the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Benefits of Earning a Bachelor's of Science in CSD

Getting a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders has many benefits.  This degree provides a foundation of knowledge that can support many other alternatve paths.   Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Provides students with the foundation knowledge to pursue advanced degrees in speech, language, and/or hearing sciences
  • Provides more than basic knowledge in one field, but gives a good scope of practice of multiple fields
  • Provides understanding of issues related to health, wellness, evidence-based practice, health care, and educational supports

Graduate School Options in CSD

Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology

Clinical Doctoral in Audiology

Non-Clinical Master's Degree


Graduate School Options in fields related to CSD

  • Gerontology: the study of aging and older adults
  • Master’s in Special Education: working with children with special needs in an educational setting
  • Master’s in General Education: available for K-12 teaching
  • Counseling: available for education settings, social worker settings, and counseling office settings
  • Occupational Therapy: helping individuals develop, regain, or maintain skills needed for activities of daily living
  • Disability Studies:  working with individuals with special needs outside of an educational setting
  • Physician’s Assistant: assisting physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare workers with patients
  • College Student Personnel