Welcome to the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dr. Antony Joseph

Assistant Professor
Occupational Audiologist
  • Dual-degree, dual-certified, licensed practicing Audiologist for more than 25 years, emphasizing early identification and hearing loss prevention.
  • CSD 533.Sec 001 Advanced Aural Rehabilitation:Adult-Geriatric
  • CSD 299.Sec 010 Independent Honor Study
  • CSD 287.Sec 009 Independent Study
  • CSD 500.Sec 004 Independent Study Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • CSD 350.Sec 001 Introduction To Audiology
  • CSD 291.Sec 006 Undergraduate Teaching Experience In Comm Sciences Disorders
  • Occupational Audiology (CSD 541), Audiologic Rehabilitation (CSD 533), Case Report Preparation (CSD 580.09), Professional Issues in Audiology (CSD 540), Educational Audiology (CSD 580.06), Introduction to Audiology (CSD 350), Hearing Science (CSD 249), Independent Study (CSD 500, CSD 299, CSD 287), and Teaching Experience in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD 291)
  • Hearing Loss Prevention, Hearing Protection, Audiologic Services for Infants and Older Adults, and Epidemiology.
  • Ph D Experimental Audiology / Survey Instrument Construction and Epidemiology - 2004
  • Michigan State University
  • East Lansing, Michigan
  • Dissertation/Thesis topic: Attenuation of Passive Hearing Protection Devices (truncated)
  • AuD Doctor of Audiology - 2001
  • Central Michigan University
  • Mount Pleasant, Michigan
  • Dissertation/Thesis topic: Development of a Speech Reception Test for Japanese Children
  • Joseph, A.R., Horton, J.L., Clouser, M.C., MacGregor, A.J., Louie, M.L., and M.R. Galarneau. (2016). Development of a blast-related auditory injury database (BRAID). Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 53(3); 295-306.
  • Farrell, M., Sebeny, P., Klena, J.D., DeMattos, C., Pimentel, G., Turner, M., Joseph, A., Espiritu, J., Zumwalt, E., and Dueger, E. (2013). Influenza Risk Management: Lessons Learned from an A(H1N1)pdm09 Outbreak Investigation in an Operational Military Setting. PLOS ONE. July 10, 2013, 10/1371.
  • Ong, A. L., and Joseph, A. R. (2008). Referrals for Alcohol Use Problems in an Overseas Military Environment: Description of the Client Population and Reasons for Referral, Military Medicine, 173(9): 871-877.
  • Joseph, A.R., Punch, J.L., Stephenson, E., Paneth, N., Wolfe M.R., and Murphy, W.J. (2007). The Effects of Training Format on Earplug Performance, International Journal of Audiology, 46: 609-618.
  • Punch, J.L., Rakerd, B., and Joseph, A.R. (2004). Effects of Test Order on Most Comfortable and Uncomfortable Loudness Levels for Speech, American Journal of Audiology, 13: 158-163.
  • Punch, J.L., Joseph, A.R., and Rakerd, B. (2004). Most Comfortable and Uncomfortable Loudness Levels: Six Decades of Research, American Journal of Audiology, 13: 144-157.