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Heidi M. Harbers

Associate Professor
(Speech-Language Pathology)

Office Address: 312 Fairchild Hall
Office Phone: 309-438-5309
Office Hours: M 2-3
W 3-4
F 12-1
& By appointment
Email: Contact Heidi Harbers (hmharbe)
Website: Visit Heidi Harbers’s Website
Teaching Schedule:
Teaching Interests:
Courses I teach:
CSD 211 Phonetics
CSD 215 Clinical Phonetics (Fall, Spring)
CSD 275 Spoken and Written Language: Analysis
CSD 375 Cultural Diverisity in CSD

CSD 405 Issues in Early Intervention for the SLP (summer elective)
CSD 412 Speech Sound Disorders (Fall)
CSD 416 School Age Language Disorders (Spring)

Facilitate CSD Study Abroad trips
January 2014 - Accent modification at Sweet English Language Institute, Seoul (SELI) (Graduate)
May 2014 -- Exploration of Culture and Dialect:  New Zealand/Australia (Undergrad/Graduate)
July 2014 - Accent modification at SELI, Seoul (Graduate)
December/January - 2014/2015 Accent modification at SELI, Seoul (Graduate)
March 2015 -- London -- CSD experience
June 2015 (with Dr. Ou) - HongKong
July 2015 - Accent modification at SELI, Seoul (Graduate)
Research Interests:
Phonological awareness and literacy issues in preschool and school age children
Phonological processing and phonetic transcription skills
Bilingual issues in children
Accent modification

Current research projects:
Examination of phonological awareness and working verbal memory before and after learning phonetic transcription skills
The instructional role of derivational morphology when understanding word stress.
Influences of slow speech intervention on language output of adult and children (with J. Sawyer).
Reading comprehension in adolescents with ASD (with T. Parton)

Ph.D.   1994   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
M.S.     1982   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
B.S.      1980   Marquette University
Selected Publications:

Kang, K., & Harbers, H. (November, 2014). Pronunciation app.

Harbers, H. (2013). A phonetics workbook for students: Building a foundation for transcription. Boston: Pearson Education.    http://www.pearsonhighered.com/educator/product/Phonetics-Workbook-for-Students-A-Building-a-Foundation-for-Transcription/9780132825580.page

McNamara, T., Bailey, R., & Harbers, H. (2007/2008).  Different professionals'  interpretation of a decoding deficit in reading skills.  Journal of Educational Audiology, 14, 16-29.

Kang, J., Harbers, H. M., & Sawyer, J. (July, 2007). Reducing epenthesis when speaking English Intervention study. In Embracing diversities and pursuing professional integrity (pp. 421-428), the proceedings of the International Conference of the Korea Association of Teachers of English, Anyang, Korea.

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