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Graduation Options

Every student will be required to select one of the following three degree options. The selection of the graduation degree option must be done by the beginning of finals week of your second term.

More information about these three options can be found in the Department Manual

Comprehensive Exam Option

The comprehensive examination will consist of 100 objective questions. There will be 12 questions from each required content area (voice/resonance, aphasia, motor speech, dysphagia, stuttering, speech sound disorders, preschool and school-aged language disorders) and 4 questions from research. The total pass rate is 70%. Students will be given 3 hours to complete the comprehensive examination. Until use of a secure test site is obtained, all examinations will be taken by opscan.

In their first attempt, students will be given 3 opportunities to pass the comprehensive examination. The first opportunity will occur in late February/early March (during the first external placement). If a 70% pass rate is not achieved, the student will be required to come back in 4 weeks for his/her second attempt (late March/early April). If a 70% pass rate is achieved, the student passes. If a 70% pass rate is not achieved, the student will be required to return in 3-4 weeks for his/her third, and last attempt. To insure ample time to submit names to the graduate college, the 3rd attempt (if needed) will take place at least one full week prior to April 30 (graduate college deadline). These times and timespans were decided upon to assure that any student needing to retake comps would 1 ) be able to have 3 attempts prior to the Graduate School's deadline for name submission for graduation (4/30), and 2) have adequate preparation for successfully passing comps on his/her next attempt. If a student does not pass the comprehensive exam in the first three attempts, then they will be allowed three opportunities to pass in each subsequent semester until they achieve a pass rate of 70%.

A test bank will be prepared by graduate faculty members, course instructors, and/or clinical supervisors and will consist of three times the number of questions used in any one exam (i.e., 36 questions for each content area; 12 questions for research). Each comprehensive examination package will be a subset of these questions.

Thesis Option

The thesis consists of course registration (up to a total of 6 hours) of CSD 499 in the terms a student is actively working on the thesis. A grade of DE (deferred) will be given until the final product is complete and graded. Contact the Graduate School for thesis assistance and procedures.

Independent Study

Independent study consists of a 2 hour registration of CSD 400, typically in the final term of on campus coursework. Students selecting this option are required to complete an independent research project under the direction of a member of the graduate faculty. The independent project possibilities include: a case history, data-based research, an in-service presentation, a literature review, a materials project, a media project, a resource manual, or an evidenced-based practice option.