AuD Capstone Project


All AuD students are required to complete an AuD Capstone Project. Students will enroll in CSD 500 for two semesters for 3 hours each.

General Timeline

By the end of your first year, you should have a Capstone Advisor chosen, and a project proposal completed. You will present this proposal to the Audiology Department at the beginning of your second year in the program.

By the end of your second year, all of your data should be collected. During this time, you should also continue to write your Introduction/Lit Review.

By the end of your third year, your paper should be written in its entirety, including Introduction, Lit Review, Methods, Results, and Discussion/Conclusion. By the time you leave for your fourth-year external placement, there should be nothing left to do for your paper, other than minor editing/tweaks.

By the end of your fourth year, you should have presented the results of your Capstone Project (in poster form) at a conference at the University, Local, State, National, or International Level.

Note: These are general guidelines. They may vary depending on your advisor’s suggestions and the parameters of your project.

Basic Guidelines

Faculty and Staff are all here to support the student in this process; however, it is each student’s responsibility to meet with their Capstone advisor to discuss his/her progress and to develop a plan for finishing the Capstone project in a timely manner. If there is ANY concern that you may not be on track, you should schedule a meeting with your advisor ASAP to make a plan to get back on track. Failure to meet with your advisor to make a plan does not constitute a reasonable excuse for not getting the project done in a timely manner.

Failure to meet deadlines (as mutually agreed-on by the student and his/her advisor) by the end of each term may result in a Professional Disposition form being filed with the CSD Department Chair.

Formatting Guidelines

All capstone projects will require a data-based research project. This may include either an empirical or retrospective study. Each project will involve formulating a specific research question or questions, developing specific methodology to answer the research question, collecting new data or retrieving existing data for analysis. Each capstone project should result in a paper that includes the following sections:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Research questions & hypotheses
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion (including addressing limitations and future directions)
  • References

Although there is no minimum page number or minimum number of sources required for the final document, the completed project is expected to be thorough and complete. The length of the final document may vary depending on the topic selected.

Capstone Timeframe Checklist

Task Phase Goal  
Meet with potential advisor to discuss project ideas 1 Mid Fall Y1
Finalize research question 1 Late Fall Y1
Three-to-five page research proposal due to advisor* 2 Mid Spring Y1
Write IRB, as needed 2 Late April Y1
Present proposal to Audiology Department 2 Early Fall Y2
Data collection 2 Fall Y2
First draft full lit review (10-15 pages) due to advisor* 3 Mid Fall Y2
Data analysis 4 Spring Y2
First draft full methodology section due to advisor* 4 Mid Spring Y2
Choose conference to submit poster to—( specific deadline based on conference but must be decided by goal deadline) 4 Late Spring Y2
First draft full results section due to advisor* 5 Summer Y2/3
First draft full discussion/conclusion due to advisor* 6 Mid Fall Y3
Design poster for presentation at Audiology Conference 7 Fall Y3
Present poster at Audiology Conference 7 Y3-Y4

Note: for each section you write, you will submit it to your Visor Center writing tutor for review, and THEN submit it to your Capstone advisor/first reader