Application Information for Graduate Programs in CSD


Thank you for your interest in our program. We offer strong academic and clinical experiences at the graduate level. Our enthusiastic, student-centered faculty care about your success.

Requirements for Admission

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA (last 60 hours of coursework)
  • GRE scores (only submitted in CSDCAS --the designated institution code for ISU in CSDCAS is 1728) (no minimum score required)
  • Three professional letters of recommendation (four maximum) (only submitted electronically through CSDCAS)
  • Essay (Specific prompts for each program found below) (only submitted through CSDCAS)
  • Apply online to ISU's Graduate School and submit payment. (Note: No additional materials need to be sent to ISU at the time of application.)
  • Apply online through CSDCAS and submit all required information, documentation and payment.
  • SLP Applicants

  • AUD Applicants

  • Application Deadlines

SLP Applicants:

Essay prompt (submitted through CSDCAS):

The essay should respond to the following prompt in 350 words or less.

Describe a time when you found it challenging to manage a conflict in a professional manner. How did you resolve the situation?

Video Clip component (submitted through CSDCAS):

Please create a 3-minute video that shares an experience that changed/shaped your thinking or actions. We would like you to tell us how and why it changed you.

Once the video clip is complete, ONLY the URL of the video will be posted into the CSDCAS application.

Step-by-step instructions for uploading the video into CSDCAS.

Coursework requirements for those without a degree in CSD:

Applicants who do not hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorder will ONLY be considered for admission if transcripts reflect a minimum of 15 hours of graded CSD coursework.  See the following prerequisite list for requirements.

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism (CSD 155)
  • Language Development/Disorders (CSD 175/275/321)
  • Neurobasis (CSD 210)
  • Phonetics (CSD 215)
  • Speech & Hearing Science (CSD 248/249)
  • Audiology (CSD 350)
  • Aural Rehabiliation (CSD 351)

All admitted students will need to complete content in the following areas before or during the MS program. 

  • Statistics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry or Physics
  • Developmental Psychology/Child Growth and Development
  • Exceptional Learner (Introduction to Special Education)

AUD Applications:

Essay prompt (submitted through CSDCAS):

The essay should address the following questions in 750 words or less.

What motivates you to pursue a career in audiology? Why are you interested in attending Illinois State University? In addition, write about any of your experiences related to working with children or adults or your participation in research opportunities. 

Interview Process:

Selected applicants will be asked to travel to campus to participate in an onsite interview. On that day, applicants should expect a personal interview with two faculty members/supervisors and a graduate student. Additional activities on the day of the interview will include a facility and campus tour, social event with faculty and supervisors, and some time to meet with current graduate students. Selected applicants will receive further information about the planned events on interview day at later date.

Coursework requirements for those without a degree in CSD:

Before beginning the AuD program, students must have completed  the following prerequisite courses:

  • CSD 249 Hearing Science
  • CSD 350 Audiology
  • CSD 351 Aural Rehabilitation

Application Deadlines

January 15th is the annual deadline for applications to the graduate programs in CSD. To be considered for admission, all materials need to be submitted to ISU and to CSDCAS no later than January 15th.

Only COMPLETED applications will be considered for admission. When your application is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have not received such notification and the deadline is approaching, you may contact the department office (309) 438-8643 to determine the status of your application.