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Audiology Services

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

Determine the type, severity and configuration of hearing loss for patients of all ages.

Hearing Aid Services

Selection, evaluation, fitting, adjustments and repairs of a wide variety of hearing devices and products is available. Hearing devices are customized for personal lifestyle, level of hearing loss and budget, to get the most optimal fit.

Assistive Listening Devices

Devices that can help with hearing loss and may be used in conjunction or without a traditional hearing aid. These can help improve communication or serve as an alerting device.

Adult Aural Rehabilitation

Focuses on adjusting to hearing loss, making the best use of hearing aids and maximizing communication strategies, while meeting other new hearing aid users, in a small group setting.

Hearing Protection & Custom Listening Needs

Adult and pediatric swim plugs, specialized hearing protection, and custom fit earbuds for use with MP3 players or smart phones are available.

Central Auditory Processing Evaluations

Specialized testing for school-age children who have difficulty understanding auditory information, despite normal hearing acuity and normal intelligence. Includes specialized auditory and language assessments.

Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Evaluation and Treatment

Comprehensive evaluation and treatment for individuals suffering from tinnitus and/or reduced sound tolerance.

Director of Clinical Experiences:

Candice Osenga

Candice Osenga

Phone: 309-438-5794